Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sure you'd be mad not to!

Ever been sofa-window shopping on an empty stomach?  Not a good idea, it's something I try to avoid.

This morning, I woke early, incredibly excited, thinking 'We have somewhere gorgeous to live!'.  While we are renting a lovely place on Norra Vallgatan at the moment, sadly our landlord has decided to sell, so no sooner than we have moved in, we have to move out again.  Ah well, s**t happens.

Last night, we negotiated our behinds off with a new landlord and finally landed on a rent that we could afford for a pretty swish apartment in the Slussen area of Malmö; just east of the centre but still within a 10 minute walk of all the action.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I woke up and suddenly remembered that I don't have to apartment hunt anymore!  Yippee!

So, after a walk in the crisp September sunshine first thing in the morning, followed by coffee and cake (was that breakfast!? Ummmm, yes...oops...we just had to) we went sofa-window shopping.  Sofa-window shopping basically involves going through all the motions of buying a sofa without actually buying the sofa.  What fun!  Not advisable on an empty stomach though and given that my breakfast was, ahem, not the most substantial, I was all of  sudden HUNGRY.  Mountain Man knows better than to mess with me when I'm hungry, so immediately focused on finding food, without breaking the dwindling budget and finally landed on Mad Miss Molly's.

This place is cool.  They do salads, toasted ciabatta, smoothies, sandwiches...everything incredibly fresh and very very tasty.  Also worth noting, nothing is all that expensive.  Eating out in Malmö aint cheap, but in Mad Miss Molly's we had 2 gorgeous toasted ciabatta with a surprise super fresh and tasty side salad for €15.  Water infused with raspberries sits on the counter for you to help yourself if you fancy and I can vouch for it's yumminess.  The staff are lovely and oh so cool, without being snooty and of course, speak English beautifully.  The interior (another passion of mine) is brave - lots of concrete and steel combined with plush sofas and traditional coat stands.

Our visit to Mad Miss Molly's provided the perfect pause from furniture perusal and is somewhere I would definitely return.  I noticed that they also prepare picnic baskets, even renting the basket if you don't have one, so if you are visiting Malmö it's worth popping in.  I'll definitely be trying out their picnic basket next time.


  1. Girl, you've found your niche...nutritionally savvy food & interior critiq...with an inborn Irish poetic talent for story telling! That's to say nothing of the professional quality FB photo's! Dont forget the cinnamon in the apples...heap it high! (Bargain tip... is selling for a crazy low price and is great!). Look foreword to the next installment! B

    1. Excellent, thanks a mil...cinnamon will be added to taste at eating :-)